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The result of 3 years of applied research and development and 30 years of refined concrete experience, ecoSTONETOPS by Sadlerstone Australia are now a reality. They are a beautiful, unique and functional eco-engineered solid surface stonetop developed specifically to give designers an exciting eco-alternative to plastic engineered stone.

ecoSTONETOPS are ideal for outdoor kitchens, indoor kitchen countertops, backsplashes, bathroom vanities, fireplace and tub surrounds, furniture, or anywhere you require a unique and durable stone.

Sadlerstone ecoSTONETOPS are an agglomerate of natural materials using cement as the binder that produce surface hardness similar to granite.

Unlike other engineered stone, Sadlerstone ecoSTONETOPS have a unique, natural look with characteristics similar to natural stones like granite, marble, travertine and bluestone such as surface scaling, tonal variations, inclusions and formation of pinholes. Concrete is alkaline in nature (like marbles and limestones) and with proper care you can enjoy your ecoSTONETOPS surface for many years never losing interest in its uniqueness.

unique look / natural aesthetic, similar to quarried stones enrich the experience. Simply chic. Traditional Honed and Sawn finishes available.

colour palette / hand selected, naturally occurring inorganic oxides formed into Sadlerstone’s outstanding Signature, Contemporary or ‘avante-garde’ Mode pallets. Granite, marble or bluestone aggregate options.

non-toxic / no resin, cured and treated, inflammable, harmless, recyclable. Simply environmentally preferable.

functional / with hardness properties similar to granite, cutting on the surface will not damage the product. Absolutely suited to indoor and outdoor spaces and will not fade. A full range of complementary Sadlerstone concrete couture products such as in-situ overlays and tile.

cost effective / Australian developed, generally price advantaged to other engineered slab material.

ecoSTONETOPS - Product data sheet.pdf [400KB]

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