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Sadlerstone is coloured by hand-selected, naturally-occurring inorganic oxides that are integral to the full body of the stone.

colour fast /
Coloured to their full thickness, Sadlerstone tiles show superior colour-fastness. Inorganic oxides are UV stable helping Sadlerstone to resist fading.

flow-through /
As all colours are produced in both smooth, textured, and terrazzo finishes, it is possible to produce a seamless transition between inside and outside, with just a change in surface texture.

tonal variation /
Like natural stone, each piece is unique. Subtle colour variations between pieces add movement and richness to a surface, offering new life to the space.

Signature Collection
Sadlerstone’s Signature Collection is a core and classic selection of trademark Sadlerstone colours. With a range of essential colours that are available in stock, Sadlerstone Signature Collection is the ideal choice for adding a timeless statement to a design space.

Contemporary Collection
Earthy and muted, Sadlerstone’s standard colour palette allows for a multitude of design possibilities. From light to dark colours, and a cool to warm experience.

Mode Collection
A bold palette of hue's allowing designers greater freedom of expression when creating spaces.

Sadlerstone also has a library of non-standard colours and custom colours can be produced at extra cost.

You can request a printed copy of the Colour Specifier on the Request a Sample page.

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